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Welcome to Lyngby Delebil

Virum cars move back from Sorgenfri

(13. January) The Virum parking lot is reopened. VirRødClio and Megane are now relocated from Sorgenfri to Virum.

Did you know ...

All our prices include fuel, insurance, road assistance and all other expenses for the car.
You have to pay parking, ferry tickets, bridge fees and the like.

At Lyngby Delebil we replace the fleet after approx. three years and buy / lease preferably new and relatively environmentally friendly cars.

Car sharing contributes to lesser traffic and hence less congestion and less pollution.

Danish as well as foreign studies show that former car owners reduce their car driving by at least 50%.
Members who have not previously owned their own car will only increase their car drive by approx. 10%.

Car share can pay off if you drive a maximum of 15,000 km a year.

A little Statistics

Last year our members on average used 14.621 Dkr (all inclusive) on 4.362 km with a km-price of 3,35 Dkr. (calculation based on members with more than one year of membership)